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صديق مسيحييقرأ القرآن

A Christian Reads The Qur'an
Honest Reading, Honest Reflection


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A Christian Reads The Qur'an
A Christian Reads The Qur'an

Dear James, I want to congratulate you for putting your hand to such a big work.  I'm sure that this book will touch the hearts of many people and stir their thinking.  It's my prayer that Isa Masih will use this work for his glory... 

This can also be very readable to Muslims because it runs smoothly and seems to contain no dogmatic complexities...I like the conclusions especially the ultimate one in chapter 55. I would say, Yes it's perfect for the audience...

I congratulate you on having done a thorough evaluation of the Qur’an through the eyes of a Christian. It is a daunting task and your years of working in the Islamic world have given you some good insights and stories to share which do raise many valid questions. These questions should provide some good food for thought for the average Muslim to think about.

Levent K.
Author and Translator 
Central Asia

Mr. Nadir
Publisher and Writer Middle East

Dan Wickwire
200 Questions About the Bible and Qur'an

A Christian Reads The Qur'an
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Arab world

After Communism ended in Central Asia in the early 1990s, James Wright and his family made a new home among people of the Tien Shan Mountains.  For decades Communists destroyed religious books and taught their people that no Creator exists. In the days of new freedom, many people started studying the holy books hoping to fill their inner spiritual emptiness.

Focusing on Allah’s miraculous seed who came through Ibrahim’s family, Dr. Wright and other teachers have helped people in many countries realize that no matter how deep the darkness, the light of Allah’s love is stronger still. 

James Wright has a PhD in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Islam.  He speaks several languages of the Turkic world.  

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