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Reading in Ramadan

This Ramadan I decided to read the Qur’an. Over the years I have studied the Qur’an but this time I wanted to read the entire Qur’an very carefully.

I follow Isa al-Masih. Sometimes people call me a Christian, though I’ve learned that many do not really understand the word and sometimes have wrong or really strange ideas about Christians. I live in Asia, but it doesn’t matter what part of the world I visit. It could be frozen Moscow in the far north or the steamy jungles of Thailand to the south. Many think Christian means European or American and no more. It’s someone who drinks lots of alcohol, eats pork and perhaps even chases after prostitutes. Or worse yet, they believe that probably some Christians are prostitutes.

Movies and television feed these mistaken ideas. Isn’t a church a beautiful old building where sinners confess shocking sins to the priest? After confession everything goes back to normal so they can do more shocking things like get drunk, eat loads of pork and chase women.

The whole picture really is quite repulsive to me and if that is real Christian faith, I say toss it all in the bottom of the ocean.

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